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"Moira Geary has 'recombobulated' a nation" - Bibi Baskin

She is the leading light and mentor for a new emerging wave of Freedom Seekers. The author of Wake Up and Change Your Life, the creator of the online Wealthy Minds program and the flagship certification program Quantum Thinking Technologies. Moira has worked with thousands of people to help them 'recombobulate' and live the good life they deserve.

Alongside her growing online community of over 20,000 people, Moira is a regular contributor to media including Thrive Global, RTE, the Irish Times and the Elaine Show, Virgin Media. A dynamic and inspirational speaker, she has inspired audiences on stages including the Professional Speakers Association, the Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit and Momentum, as well as winning several awards including Business Women of the Year 2020 for Network Limerick Ireland.

Moira has created a powerful, proven and sustainable process that shows you exactly how to do this. Imagine being able to quickly learn how to overcome this way of being and live with a sense of confidence and calm.

Too many people are held back feeling stressed overwhelmed and worried. Stuck in a rut of procrastination and self-sabotage, they know there must be more to life. 

Moira presents ways that anyone with a genuine appetite for change can shift from a negative state of fear, stress and frustration to feeling hopeful, self-assured and capable. 

Popular speaking topics include;

  • The primary reason we experience stress, overwhelm and procrastination and how we can manage it
  • Three practical techniques that you can use instantly to move from stress to calm
  • One secret process that avoids us being impacted by the behaviour of difficult people
  • The default mistake people make that increases their stress levels and how to reverse it
  • How to overcome overwhelm so that you can act from a more empowered state

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"I want everyone to know that life doesn't have to be as hard as we make it. There is always hope and we have the power" - Moira Geary