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Moira is the leading light and mentor for a new emerging wave of Freedom Seekers

Through her wisdom, unique techniques and practical approach she supports these seekers to find freedom from stress, fear, worry, procrastination, self sabotage and overwhelm so that they can truly live the good life they deserve. Her training programmes offer unique, gentle and profoundly positive roadmaps to take you to freedom.

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FREE 7 Day Positivity Project

Free 7 day video training to uncover your path to a more positive life.


The Positive Pulse Collective

[PPC] Online coaching  membership collective with Moira. Learning and  implementing tools techniques and coaching strategies to live a more fulfilled life. PPC is a lifestyle not a course.


Wealthy Minds

A step by step programme teaching you how to Manifest a life you love.


Quantum Thinking Transformation®

Certification training teaching you how to help others while taking you to your next level. 


Bibi Baskin

"Moira Geary has ‘recombobulated’ the nation and beyond!"

"She has generously created a Facebook community which has given, and continues to give, comprehensive support to hundreds. She has selflessly devoted huge tracts of time on a regular basis to this community. And it’s free of charge. Her approach shows her comprehensive grasp of the supports people need and it is administered with great simplicity and gentleness whilst delivering the message in an unambiguous tone. The Recombobulator earns her title!"

Paula Mc Gann

"Fear Was My Constant Companion"

"When I joined Wealthy Minds, I was separated rearing my daughter alone. Fear was my constant companion particularly in terms of losing my home as I didn’t have a permanent pensionable job.  Learning to let go of the fear feelings of lack, being undeserving and unworthy was life changing. My life has changed immeasurably. I changed career; I have travelled widely, I met another long-term partner, I even got a new job during Covid and I have no doubt that using the tools in Wealthy Minds was the reason I was successful. This is powerful stuff and being part of the huge energetic circle of Wealthy Minders who support and cheer you on is wonderful."

Niamh Roche

"Life was a Mess!"

"Life was a mess in all aspects. I was heartbroken, full of fear, anxiety, overwhelm, lacking confidence and self-belief, anger, frustration, guilt, shame, and grief. I was completely lost. From doing Wealthy Minds there have been so many 'aha' moments. It is my 'go to' before making any life or business decisions. I now feel full aligned and then magic happens. I am delighted to have the tools and support Wealthy Minds has to offer to sort myself out. I feel empowered and excited for the path ahead"

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Free 7 day Positivity Project

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