There are many different ways that you can work with me and access my programmes.

My advice if you are completely new to me and my work is to begin with my free 7 day Positivity Project and from there, explore more. You can go as far as you want here just remember to listen to your gut and trust your instinct. Whatever stage you are at, there will be a warm welcome for you here.

Our Programmes

FREE Positivity Project

'No soldier left behind'

I created the Free Positivity Project because of my core value 'No soldier left behind'. It is important to me that as many people as possible get the opportunity to experience this work. That is why I have consistently created free content for 20 years, available to everyone to support their lasting change and will continue to do so. Click 'learn more' below to experience this.


FREE Heart Focused Meditation


Click 'sign up' below to access the free guided Heart Focused Meditation. 


FREE Positive Recombobbers Community

'Together we can change the world'

I believe in the power of community where there are no VIP layers because I believe everyone is a Very Important Person. This FREE community of Positive Recombobbers is in it’s thousands and growing rapidly. The results within it demonstrate the impact that a group can have on an individual and I share knowledge and learnings that could otherwise be totally inaccessible to people.


The Positive Pulse Collective

 [PPC] Online coaching membership collective with Moira. Learning and implementing tools techniques and coaching strategies to live a more fulfilled life. PPC is a lifestyle not a course.


Wake Up and Change Your Life

'You have the power to wake up and change your life - at any stage'

I know it is possible because I have experienced it myself. In Wake Up and Change Your Life I offer a step by step process that is easy to implement and has worked for thousands. This programme gives you the least number of steps so you can get the best result easily while walking towards your freedom.


Wealthy Minds

'Where focus goes, energy flows'

Wealthy Minds, my flagship manifestation programme was created because people asked for more. They wanted a dedicated community where they could work together with Manifestation principles that work, to create the life they deserve. This growing community are now skilled at manifesting internal peace, dream jobs, careers, relationships, lifestyles, calm, peace and joy.


Quantum Thinking Transformation ®

'Be the change'

When community members insisted I teach them how to use these unique techniques on their own clients I had no choice but to create the QTT (Quantum Thinking Technologies) Certification program. This ongoing supportive community is going from strength to strengths with over 100 trained practitioners making a profound difference to their clients.


One-to-one sessions with Moira


Moira no longer does one-to-one sessions and has trained a host of incredible QTT practitioners to do what she does. If you are looking for a one-to-one session, click below to hear a little from each of them and feel free to reach out to one that you feel you resonate with.


Hire me to speak.

Alongside a growing online community of over 20,000 people, Moira is a regular contributor to media including Thrive Global, RTE, the Irish Times and the Elaine Show, Virgin Media. A dynamic and inspirational speaker, she has inspired audiences on stages including the Professional Speakers Association, the Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit and Momentum, as well as winning several awards.

Interested in hiring Moira to speak? Click below to find out more.



Susan Corrigan

"Living Free from Crippling Anxiety!"

"I had been in a depression and anxious state for 20 years and had the symptoms day in day out. Life seemed pretty bland, I lived under a grey cloud of self-pity with a very negative mindset. Although I was happy in many areas of life I was lonely, isolated and bored and I didn’t like been in big or even small groups yet I didn’t want to be alone. I was always paranoid about speaking my mind, being myself and afraid I’d offend someone while in conversation. I found Wealthy Minds and what took place over the next few weeks was absolutely life changing. Moira used the release technique on me and freed me from my anxious and depressed feelings which have never come back and working with my GP I have come off my medication. I can’t put into words how amazing it has been these past few months living free of crippling anxiety."

Nicola Scully

"I Moved Out of My Comfort Zone"

"I constantly believed that other people had more confidence than me. I admired their self-esteem. I had completed lots of courses in my life but never seemed to move on. On Wealthy Minds I got my ‘aha’ which was, I was so frightened to move out of my comfort zone and the information on how to move out of it. From that day every opportunity I get to step out I take it. I return to the videos on how to do a belief change, facing my fears, and banish that voice in my head if it appears. Having the freedom to come and go and lifelong access to the programme means I have always a library of information to turn to if I need some extra support. I have since started a business and today I choose courage over comfort, not from a frightened place but from an empowered one."

Sharon Mc Dermott

"If You Need a Safe Community"

"I joined Wealthy Minds at a very challenging time in my life, after 22 years overseas I was moving home to Ireland with my 5 year old son as a single parent. What I realised very quickly was the simple techniques of Wealthy Minds and Moira's simple way of presenting made perfect sense every time. I have worked through so many issues & I am so glad to say I am a completely different, happier, calmer & more mindful person today. If you are someone who needs a safe community, support & guidance to help you find your way and plenty of laughs to cheer you up, Wealthy Minds and Moira will be there for you. I couldn't recommend this wonderful lady enough"

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