Welcome to The Positive Pulse Collective

The PPC is not a course it is a Lifestyle


This is a unique opportunity to get deep coaching from me and my team to manage and overcome overwhelm, procrastination, fear, stress and worry, to be more motivated and live a more peaceful life without breaking the bank.

On this page I am going to really quickly give you an overview of what that means so that you can be part of this amazing collective and create a new way of living. That way of living is with less fear, less frustration, less stress while living a more expansive life that will help you feel more peace, calm, confident, empowered, love, joy, bliss and freedom. 

This Collective is for you if:

  • You want continuous guidance and support in practicing a proven new way of positive living that works
  • You want top notch coaching but your are not willing to break the bank to get it

  • You are ready to make a serious commitment to your positive change but don't want to have to invest a lot of time to make it happen

  •  You are tired of trying lots of things to help you feel better but never keep them up

  • You would like to be part of something big that works and has a strong proven track record

  • You want a system that gets straight to the point with a step by step process but doesn't need much time to implement

  • You are open to being coached to get your best results

  • You want to do the work and be coached but at your own pace

  • You like the idea of a powerful and supportive community for when you feel like dipping in to it


PPC is a membership based experience where you will learn 5 key things:

  1. How to put strategies in place to manage fear, overwhelm, procrastination and self-sabotage so that you can experience calm, peace, joy, excitement, expansion and  connection.
  2. How to implement practices that support you to regulate your emotions in any situation so that you are in the driving seat.
  3. How to manage triggers of frustration, irritation and stress on the fly
  4. How to dissolve fears that may be holding you back for years in any area of life so that you can feel elated, expansive and centered.
  5. How to utilise several processes that anchor you in a steady and empowering energy when dealing with life's challenges.
  6. PPC is a Lifestyle rather than a course and you will be focusing on living it every moment of your day

 Here is how it works:

  1. PPC is a membership based community that delivers in-depth pre- recorded trainings and coaching as well as using live collaborative Zooms and Facebook lives to support you to get your desired results 
  2. You will receive systematic monthly  Masterclasses in our dedicated membership area on relevant subjects to move you closer to your desired outcome. 
  3. You will also receive a monthly coaching recordings with very specific coaching questions and ideas to unearth what you want, where you are at right now and what to do to get to where you want to go. 
  4. There will also be live group calls on Zoom where we discuss content and insights and where my team and I can answer your questions
  5.  You can connect live with fellow PPC members on those Zooms where there will be an opportunity to discuss the PPC principals and share insights learned from implementing them
  6. Your library of content will build month on month and you will have access to it as long as you remain a member of PPC so that you can go back over the lessons again and again
  7. You will also have access to the community in two forms. There is a Facebook group but if you are not on Facebook you can join the community on the live Zooms and you will also be able to comment in the membership site in a dedicated comments section
  8. As PPC is a membership based program you can stop your membership at any stage within your account in the members area. (Please note that if you do stop your membership payments you loose access to all content and access to the community).
  9. When you join you get immediate access to the bonus Fundamentals training as well as month one masterclass  and coaching lesson. You will also have access to the community on Facebook and in the members area


Free Bonus!!! 

🌸 Free Fundamentals training

When you join you get immediate free access to our Fundamentals trainings which set you up for your best results. The Fundamentals trainings are the foundation on which you will build your best life and they are priceless worth €297

🌸 Free Meditation course 

On month two you get access to a free meditations training + a wide selection of meditations for different uses worth €297 


What is the cost and what do I get?



In PPC you will have access to a membership site (and app) where you will be able to access:

🌸 Your Fundamentals course setting us all up for success Valued at €297

🌸 Meditation training + recorded meditations Valued at €297

🌸 Access to a pre-recorded Monthly Masterclasses where they build on each other month by month to guide you step by step to get your results Valued at €150 each

🌸 Monthly Coaching traiining for you to do your personal work on your subject of the month Valued at €59 a month

🌸 Positive Pulses mini video prompts 8 a month Valued at €49 a month

🌸 Group coaching calls on Zoom and Facebook concurrently (one a month) with break out rooms for those who want them to connect with other members and where we learn together Valued at €150 a month

🌸 Community, both Facebook and in the Membership site if you are not on Facebook Valued at €97 a month

🌸 Discounts off selected events and products

So far that is a total value of €6060 or €505 a month

 Monthly Subscription


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Monthly Subscription 


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 Monthly Subscription 


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