Overcoming Self Sabotage - Season 2 Ep 15

Season #2

In this episode of "The Positivity Project Podcast," I delve into the intriguing topic of self-sabotage and explore the nuances of this common human behaviour. I speak about addressing self-sabotage, gaining a deeper understanding of its roots, and discovering practical techniques to overcome it.

The discussion begins by demystifying the concept of self-sabotage. Self-sabotage refers to a situation where we find ourselves torn between conflicting desires, as if having one foot on the gas and one on the brakes simultaneously. This internal struggle manifests when we face decisions or actions that stir mixed emotions, where part of us wants to proceed while another part hesitates.

One of the vital aspects of the podcast is bringing into our awareness our ability to recognise these inner conflicts when they arise during conversations. These internal contradictions often emerge as phrases like "part of me wants this, but part of me wants that." This revelation serves as a starting point for exploring the roots of self-sabotage.

To tackle self-sabotage, it's crucial to recognise that our subconscious mind plays a primary role in protecting us. This innate function of the subconscious mind seeks to safeguard us from harm and adverse experiences. However, when conflicting desires and fears arise, they  can lead to self-sabotage.

I  introduce a process to investigate self-sabotage, which involves identifying the primary positive intentions behind these conflicting desires. This process encourages the two opposing aspects of our subconscious mind to communicate and recognize that they both ultimately seek our best well-being.

As the discussion unfolds, it's revealed that hope and anticipation can play a significant role in overcoming self-sabotage. Hope acts as a driving force to help us navigate challenges, especially when energy levels are low or when facing self-doubt. I share practical strategies for building hope, such as celebrating small accomplishments and maintaining a sense of purpose.

I highlight the importance of releasing fear from past memories that might trigger self-sabotage. By disconnecting emotions from these memories, individuals no longer feel the fear and move forward with confidence. The host emphasises that self-sabotage can be addressed with a process that helps individuals overcome their internal conflicts and achieve their goals. The podcast closes with a reminder that the journey to overcoming self-sabotage is deeply personal, requiring willingness and passion to make lasting changes.

This episode offers valuable insights and practical techniques to understand and conquer self-sabotage, empowering listeners to navigate their inner conflicts and thrive in various aspects of life. Self-sabotage doesn't have to hinder your progress, and this episode equips you with the tools to foster hope, release fear, and move forward with purpose and confidence.



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