How To Make Good Decisions - Season 2 Ep 13

Season #2

In this episode of "The Positivity Project Podcast," we delve deep into the art of making decisions. Making decisions is an essential part of life, but for some, it can be an overwhelming and challenging process. We explore why this is the case and offer a powerful process for making decisions that can lead to better outcomes.

The fear of making the wrong decision is a significant reason many individuals find decision-making difficult. It's the anticipation of potential negative consequences that often paralyses us. While it's natural to feel this way, it's crucial to learn how to navigate these concerns.

The episode highlights the importance of understanding that decisions, both big and small, are made every moment of every day. These decisions play a pivotal role in shaping our lives, and making good decisions can lead to more positive outcomes.

I introduce a comprehensive decision-making process designed to help individuals make better choices when faced with significant life decisions. The process involves creating a timeline, making associations, and projecting oneself into the potential outcomes of each decision. By doing so, one can gain a better understanding of the emotional and physical implications of their choices. This process provides a more comprehensive perspective, enabling individuals to feel the impact of their decisions before they are made.

The conversation emphasises that the mind-body connection is significant when making decisions. For instance, we may feel nervousness as butterflies in our stomach when faced with a choice. Recognising these physical reactions and linking them to our emotional state is crucial to understanding how decisions affect us on a deeper level.

The process guides individuals to associate themselves into the two potential decisions they are contemplating separately. It encourages them to step into the future, imagining and feel what life would be like under each option, and paying attention to the emotional, physical, and environmental aspects of each outcome. This association helps individuals better connect with their choices, allowing them to experience the feelings associated with each decision which helps guide the best choices.

It's important to return to the present moment after exploring each options and thoroughly associating with them. This ensures a balanced perspective while making decisions. Once this process is completed, individuals can weigh the logical pros and cons and make a well-informed decision.

It's a powerful and practical technique that has proven successful time and time again.

If you've ever struggled with making decisions, or if you're currently facing a significant crossroads in your life, this episode provides valuable insights and a structured process to guide you toward making choices that align with your goals and values. It reminds us that good decision-making is an essential skill that can be developed and refined to improve the quality of our lives.


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