Managing Overwhelm - Season 2 Ep 10

Season #2

In this episode of "The Positivity Project Podcast," I delve into the common issue of overwhelm that many people face in today's fast-paced, hectic world. I share my insights and strategies for managing overwhelm and provide practical steps to regain control.


Overwhelm is a term I hear frequently, and it often seems like people wear busyness as a badge of honour. It's as if being constantly busy is equated with being productive. This is a notion that I find troublesome, and I've noticed people boasting about how busy they are, which, in my opinion, can lead to a lack of mindfulness and self-care.


Overwhelm is a significant issue in our society, and it often results from having too many thoughts and concerns swirling around in our heads. This mental chaos can make us feel disconnected from our intuition and gut feelings. We end up living solely from the neck up, ignoring our heart and gut instincts. It's essential to recognise that we need a balance between our head, heart, and gut to make sound decisions and live a fulfilled life.


I explain that overwhelm is like living from the neck up, where we constantly think about numerous subjects and categories simultaneously, from work meetings to personal chores and responsibilities. This constant overthinking creates a sense of chaos, making it challenging to focus on any one task.


To address overwhelm, I introduce a simple technique. First, I encourage individuals to acknowledge if they are overwhelmed. This self-awareness is the first step in regaining control. Then, I ask them to externalise their thoughts by picturing all the subjects and concerns lined up outside their heads, like a queue.


Next, I guide them to categorize and prioritize these subjects, just as if they were sorting through papers on a table. This helps to organise their thoughts and reduce stress levels. By understanding which subjects are most urgent, individuals can work on them one at a time without feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of all their concerns.


I emphasise that it's crucial to keep a manageable number of subjects in focus. Trying to tackle too many issues at once can contribute to the sense of overwhelm. Once priorities are set, individuals can start addressing each subject sequentially. This technique not only helps with managing overwhelm but is also effective for people struggling with sleep issues. Writing down concerns and resolutions before bedtime can help ease the mind and lead to a more restful night.


During the conversation, Bibi shares her own method for addressing concerns, which is similar to the technique I've described, reinforcing the importance of externalising and organising one's thoughts.


In conclusion, this episode offers practical solutions for managing and reducing overwhelm by externalising, categorising, and prioritising concerns. By following these strategies, individuals can regain control of their lives and reduce stress, leading to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

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