Overcoming Fear - Season 2 Ep 9

Season #2

Moira helps people overcome negative emotions and belief systems, empowering them to make choices that lead to a more positive and aligned life. Her journey part of which she shares on this episode highlights the importance of self-awareness, perspective, and personal growth.

In this episode of "The Positivity Project Podcast," Moira takes you on a personal journey through her experiences and insights in the world of realignment and positivity.


She begins by introducing the term "Recombobulate" and explains its significance. It's all about bringing people back into alignment when they're feeling discombobulated in various aspects of life, such as self-esteem, their perspective on life, and stress management.


Her journey into this work began unexpectedly when, despite being a positive person, she found herself grappling with severe anxiety and depression around 15-20 years ago. She decided to explore traditional treatments like antidepressants and counseling, but they didn't get the desired results for her. That's when she realized that her issues were rooted in her emotional responses to past academic failures, which led to feelings of shame and fear.


The prevailing emotion associated with these memories was shame, which is a common reaction to perceived failures. Moira shares the insight that our subconscious mind stores emotions related to memories and tends to bring up negative ones as a protective mechanism, even when they're no longer relevant.


To overcome this, Moira embarked on a personal analysis journey to better understand her emotions and beliefs. She emphasises the importance of educating people on how to view their issues from a different perspective and work on their belief systems and values. Ultimately, she encourages individuals to choose whether they want to let go of the negative emotions associated with past events.


Moira discusses the role of strength in success and emphasises that even strong individuals can face discombobulation and may need realignment. She points out that everyone can benefit from her work because no one is immune to life's challenges.


She explains that her techniques help individuals release negative emotions and beliefs, allowing them to make choices that serve them better. It's crucial to consider whether a belief system is serving you, and if not, decide whether to let it go or change it.



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