How To Reduce Fear - Season 1 Ep. 5

Season #1

On this episode I am speaking about Fear and this is the first of four episodes relating to many aspects of fear and how to manage it. It is important have a definition of fear before we look at how to manage it and for the purposes of this podcast I am using the dictionary definition which is ‘fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or ham’. Fear is not all bad and it is good to acknowledge the benefits of fear in measured amounts when it is being used by us to warn us of danger whether that danger is physical or emotional.  

Fear is trigged in our bodies as a physical feeling and all of us are capable of feeling. It can be very debilitating when it is out of control and the good news is that we can control it.  

We experience fear when we are in danger or when there is a perceived threat. How that feeling gets created is when we perceive danger based on what we are seeing either in our environment or in our thoughts and we then have a chemical, hormonal and neurological response namely the Fight, Flight or Freeze response, all of which are uncomfortable but warn us and allow us to prepare physiologically to stay and fight, run or freeze or play dead.  

When we understand the mechanism of this we can see how the feeling of fear moves from one cell to another creating a sense of movement of the feeling in a particular direction. When we become aware of this, that's the first step in being able to manage or reduce the intensity of the fear. By intentionally imagining the fear feeling moving in the opposite direction, we are able to confuse the neural pathway which in turn reduces the fear feeling and I walk you through how to do that in the video or recording on this page. It is a good idea to measure the intensity of the feeling first so that you can measure the improvement in the reduction of the intensity of the fear feeling.   

Using this technique I have guided thousands of clients to reduce fears which were at an intensity of ten on a scale of one to ten, down to a zero. This is a little hack that you can have in your back pocket in times where you think you are going to feel fearful or anxious eg speaking at a meeting, interview, driving test, giving a presentation etc. I hope you take advantage of it and enjoy. 

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