How To Stop Overwhelm - Season 1 Ep. 4

Season #1

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How to stop Overwhelm 

What is Overwhelm?

Overwhelm is a feeling of being overwhelmed or overburdened by a situation or task.  

You will know you are overwhelmed if you have a feeling of stress, anxiety, and a sense of being unable to cope. 

Signs of Overwhelm: 

  1. It can feel like you have too much to do and not enough time to do it,  
  2. Or that you are not able to cope with demands on you.  

Negatives it can Lead to: 

  1. Decreased productivity as well as  
  2. difficulty making decisions, and  
  3. it can have a negative impact on your overall well-being.  

What can you do about it? 

  1. take a step back and assess the situation, identify what is causing the overwhelm, and  
  2. find ways to manage it. 

Here are some steps that may help:  

#1 Identify the cause of your overwhelm ie is it anxiety, fear, or insecurity? Once you know the root cause, it will be easier to find ways to address it. 

#2 Identify how many subjects are in the overwhelm eg is it what might go wrong at work, stress around a loved one, fear of conflict in a friendship? Projects at work/college. 

#3 Write each subject on a separate dedicated piece of paper and journal on them. Taking them out of your head and putting them on paper helps you disassociate from them which will immediately help reduce your emotional response to them.  

#4 Next take some time to pick the subject that needs immediate attention or action 

#5 Next, start taking the needed action on this subject knowing all of the others are documented and will be taken care of in time. 

#6 If you need it set aside dedicated "worry time". Allocate a specific time each day to worry and think about what may be stressing you. By setting aside dedicated worry time, you can reduce the amount of time you spend overthinking the rest of the day. 

#7 Leave all the subjects on the paper and don’t allow them back in your head 

# 8 Talk to someone you trust about your worries and concerns. Sometimes, just talking through your thoughts with someone else can help you find solutions and gain perspective.  


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