Mairéad O'Connor


Mairéad is based in Dublin, Ireland and works both in-person and online, one to one 

She works with teenagers and young adults, who feel that life has much more in store for them, but they don’t know where to start to create the life they want. They have looked outside of themselves for someone or something to “fix” them and are now committed to working on their own personal development.

Lots of parents are living with their adult children longer than they would have expected, and I help them to navigate this dynamic, including keeping lines of communication open, setting boundaries, and identifying patterns of behaviour that may be keeping them stuck.

She also work with people who have come through our collective few difficult years and were expecting the world to “go back to normal”. They are finding it difficult to adjust, they may feel lonely, disconnected and afraid for the future. They want to achieve a richer and more meaningful life and are ready make changes to get to that place of freedom.

Phone: 089 207 6491

Email: [email protected]